One thought on “Common Sense Leadership

  1. Elsie Kempson says:

    Hi Craig
    Just started to listen to your podcasts, and thorugh the years being with Kleeneze, I have always found you very informative. I like that as I always want to learn more. I have not grown much in my journey with Kleeneze as I have always enjoyed the retail side of the busienss and always shyed away from developingmy business because fear has always been in the background. When the Company that I worked for 10 years closed I was so devasted it took me a year to get over it, I lost my confidence over that ime. Thats when I decided to do Kleeneze as I want to work for myself and never want to be at the mercy of an employer as I was so happy in my job and in my comfort zone. I struggle to recruit as I dont always have the right tools to do this with. I am going to listen to all your podcast to help myself from now on. Just got back from Italy, fmily re-union was great, but felt I did not have enough money to buy what I would have liked to buy, and coming bacj decided to take the bull by the horns and start to change my life for good. Thanks for your Leadership.

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