Craig started his entrepreneurial journey as he entered his teens.  With one thwarted business adventure after the other, he ploughed his way through school making money from one crazy idea to the next.

His dreams were there from an early age, but what he lacked then was a plan and the know-how to succeed.  His dreams of driving Porches and travelling the world were cemented in his mind, but upon leaving school, his income was the level of a second hand Golf at best, with limited income to afford trips abroad.

One of his early influences was his mother Jackie; a vibrant, passionate woman who herself has transformed from someone quiet, to an impressive leader in her field.  A motivator, a true coach and an exemplary example to her children.  His father, Peter, also an entrepreneurial character, that turned his hand to many, many things in his bid for a successful life. 

What unites them all, is their Passion to Succeed, their passion to live fuller lives, beyond what most only dream about.

So, how did Craig make that jump from average child, to successful entrepreneur?

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