From a young age, Craig possessed an unrivalled passion to succeed in life.  This passion, coupled with an unshakeable work ethic, has enabled him to build a Direct Selling Business that has turned over in excess of a staggering £30million to date.  Amongst other achievements, he was recognised as the UK ‘DSA’s Direct Seller of the Year 2011’.

An entrepreneur by nature, a twelve-year-old Craig started his first business venture at school in the form of football pools until the headmaster intervened. By thirteen, Craig had a flourishing ear-piercing business, again thwarted by the school. The period following school saw Craig juggle multiple jobs to fund the lifestyle that at that point was just a pipe dream. A job in advertising at a golf magazine gave Craig a taste of travel and the finer things in life. From this point forward, he wanted freedom and success; what followed was a journey of personal growth.

Craig is a shining beacon of change, showing others how to ignite their own passion to achieve. His first audio programme ‘Elastic Attitude’ challenged people to stretch themselves and move out of their comfort zone to attain unprecedented levels of personal success. His iTunes podcast show ‘Success With Craig’ has inspired in excess of 28,000 people to reject mediocrity and strive for new heights.

What now drives Craig is his desire to grow further through self-education and self-improvement and to share this journey with others by showing them the power of self-belief. He wears his heart on his sleeve and finds great reward in seeing others flourish under his guidance. A dedicated family man, Craig puts his children first and teaches them confidence, humility and gratitude as well as supporting them to dream big.

Driven By Passion - Conversations with Millionaire Mindsets

Driven by Passion brings you a collaboration of 15 conversations with people that possess a true drive to succeed.  Throughout this book, you will discover and explore what drives them to push beyond what they learned in high school and how they broke free of those invisible shackles. You’ll learn how to dream big again and re-ignite the passion you had as a child to live a life you can be Passionate about.